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Selling a Pearl Maple Piccolo Snare Drum

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Selling it on ebay at this link:

If you are interested bid on, or know anybody who is is.. tell them to bid on. Probably a lost cause because we're all poor but hey, worth a shot kids ;)


itll get some comment, even if nobody buys it.

Jack Lupino:
Yeah, i dont drum anymore.

And our drummers looking for a hellish dual base pedal, because the thing he has now is sort of worn out :)

if he's left footed i can help him out, thats the next thing im selling, pearl double kick. though.. wait you aren't UK, but depending on how hard it is to sell a left footed double kick, i might be subjected to said fuck the UK and sell it to both UK and Europe.

i just wanted you to know that i dont have any money and i wont be buying that.

(no im not post whoring   :P)


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