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My Elektron SIDstation for sale!

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Hey guys.  Thought i'd let you know that I am currently trying to sell my sidstation :o and since it was clearly down to machinae that i bought one in the first place I thought it fitting to tell you.  So if you happen to be wanting one for your own projects or indeed if masu need a spare (doubt that, bet you can get them for free lol) then i'm happy to send it almost anywhere in the world.  I'm going to miss it so much :'( it has been so reliable and the sounds you can make are sooo good.  Playing machinae songs using the correct patch is also made of win.  So it'd be great if a fellow fan could continue its use. 

Currently on egay so give it a look and as I type this someone has placed a bid that has pushed it over the £500 mark!  So its not going to go cheap but they are the rarest things ever (i'm in the UK btw, Scotland to be precise).

Thanks (hope this is ok to post here)


Awesome, here, why you selling it?

Selling it as i need a new laptop, and it kills me to get rid of it but its really the only thing ive got that is worth alot of money.  If you go to my bands myspace: you can hear a bit of SID in the middle of the track "cutting lead" the most abbrasive thing ever.

theres no cutting lead track.. :(

shame i dont have the money, but i was just curious whyd youd sell such an amazing thing.



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