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Re: Stepmania Online
« Reply #15 on: June 14, 2006, 02:46:27 pm »
k sorry i just wanted to see who was interested or who already has it. go to and click downloads and get sm4.0. then you have to make a profile on the forums. once you do that start up smonline and go to profile options and make the same profile you made on the forums with same password and everything (which you use when you connect). then go to network options and connect to server using this: then connect. it will already be there next time but you have to remember to connect. i suggest turning event mode on in the coin options so you dont have to play 3 rounds then go back and do it again. i also suggest going to the key mapping thingy and making not only the arrows for up-down-left-right but also using w-up a-left s-down d-right which is what i use so you use two hands at once. then go to the smo forums and click links to packs and download some packs! oh and i forgot you have to use ctr+enter not just enter to get to rooms and stuff online. if you dont feel like downloading packs i can send you some if you pm or im me. you should go to novice as that is where i go(even though im good i just dont like the douches in advanced). if you make your own room ill give you some codes. to kick you say /kick \"name here\" or to ban you say /ban \"name here\". to pm say /msg \"name here\" then type the message after the name. id suggest getting ddr or itg packs first. itg 1 has hybrid and bouff and itg 2 has cryosleep which is cool. kb, as the name suggests, are songs that are meant only for the keyboard and almost none of the songs are possible on the pads. i only suggest them if you are really good (like you can AAA ddr or itg songs). and thats about it if you have any questions just make a post and ill do my best to answer. hope this helped to anyone who wants to play ;D RISING :<, please edit your messages a little, no one wants to read a solid block of text and get information from it... Please, think of the kittens

I did actually consider editting it and I even begun to split it into small paragraphs, but when I came to it found that no trace of a paragraph existed. It really is a continuous wall of text.

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Re: Stepmania Online
« Reply #16 on: June 14, 2006, 03:50:19 pm »
I must say, Fallout's post did make me rofl  8) +1
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