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Create Your Own Machinae Gig
« on: May 12, 2006, 01:49:54 pm »
I was thinking to myself and thought i would just jot a few ways in which i think we can all help Machiane tour our local areas either in the near future or just future.

1) Generate Interest. Spread the word, get the songs play in your local watering holes. Hand out free CD's if you can. Always link people to the website for free downloads.

2) Venues. Got any possible gig venues near by? Find out the details. Capacity, average ticket price, how is the ticket priced (Money for the venue/band), do you need to bring your own equipment?

3) Got contacts? Use them! If you know people in the gig world then maybe you could really get the ball rolling and stick it in their heads.

Give Machinae Supremacy a reason to get some plane tickets to your country ;)
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