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Since it is my endeavor to be on a Machinae high through at least the summer, I am going to sit and tab out the following songs:

-Ghost (Beneath The Surface)
-Hubnester Inferno
-Legion Of Stoopid
-March Of The Undead, Part II
-Sidology Episode 2 - Trinity
-Sidology Episode 3 - Apex Ultima
-Soundtrack To The Rebellion

-Player One
-Deus Ex Machinae
-Attack Music
-Blind Dog Pride
-Machinae Prime

-Ronin (currently in the works)
-Kaori Stomp
-Hate (currently in the work)
-Through The Looking Glass (currently in the works)
-Reanimator (March Of The Undead, Part III)

I'm not sure why I'm posting this, but seeing as how summer is creeping up and I'll have a lot more playing time, I could be able to bang out a new tab every two or three days.

If you have any special requests that are outside of these, then I would gladly add them to my endeavor.  I will make Machinae's music my proverbial bitch.

...Shit, I'm going to bed.

All tabs will be uploaded as .txt (Notepad) files and linked in this post when they are completed.  Progress will be created as replies, I think.

could you create a tab of through the looking glass first? i can't wait... I MUST PLAY ;)
it would be so fucking great!

Started work on "Ronin" today, as well as some messing around with "Hate" and "Through The Looking Glass".

"Ronin" should be done by the weekend, perhaps with the solo (earlier without the solo).

"Hate" will probably be done next week sometime.

"Through The Looking Glass" will include a tablature transcription of the piano introduction and various synth parts, as well as guitar parts.

And generally, for the sake of guitarists, I will attempt to transcribe synth/SiD bits to guitar, just so it gives a more complete sound when keyboards are either not available to you as an individual or collectively (should you decide to cover a song without the use of keyboards, which is my own intention).

Not sure what I'll be doing after these three, but it will probably be more stuff from REDEEMER, most likely "Fury", "Rise" or "Empire".

After REDEEMER, I'll take a trip back to Deus Ex Machinae and do "Blind Dog Pride" and "Deus Ex Machinae", as well as probably "Player One" and "Insidious".  I'm not too concerned with the site-available tracks at the moment, however "Legion Of Stoopid" will probably be one I do rather soon.

yay, you rock!
i think your idea is fucking great!

Man, if you can do this ill consider you god and be in your debt :)


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