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Okay people, listen up. Rules here are pretty easy to follow, and here they are:

1. Don't be an ass (more than you absolutely have to be)
2. Don't be overly offensive (unless it's really called for!)
3. Listen to the goddamned mods, okay?

If one of you should choose to ignore these three simple signposts in your forum-life, this is what'll happen:

Let's say that you..for example, spam or goes off-topic in a thread where it's forbidden. Then, this is the deal:
1. We warn first, with deleting the posts if needed.
2. Then we warn again, and lock the thread (if possible & needed)
3. Next time we warn, inform of temporary ban of 1 day, and tempban your sorry ass. ;)
4. Next step is to set a longer temporary ban, 2-3 weeks for example and send a message to the person involved

That's not too harsh, now is it?


More specific rules will be added accordingly here:

1. No shock links; not everybody on these forums appreciates such explicit material, so keep it clean. For gods sake you're not spam bots, don't act like one.


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