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This post has been revised to merge two topics together. These rules are the rules for the forum across the board, with one or two flairs to suit this part of the forum.

1. Don't be an ass
- Don't be overly rude, act civilized.
- If you have bad day don't throw it upon others.
- If someone is having bad day don't kick him when he is down. If you can't be supportive then shut the fuck up.
- Don't sabotage discussions by being an ass just to show how intelligent you think you are. You are not.
- If you don't have anything new, productive or positive to add then don't add it.
- No flaming.
We are a community of many different kinds of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We arent going to see eye-to-eye every moment of every day. However there are more mature and effective ways to settle disagreements than by outright flaming, abusing, harassing, slandering or otherwise making each others lives hell. We would hope that you would think before you act.

2. Don't be overly offensive
- Do not use abusive language of other forumites, their opinions, values or any of their interests.
- Do not insult or use bad language of other forumites.
- Bullying and harassment of any kind is not tolerated. In some cases it is against the law. Do not disciminate against sexuality, - gender, race, religion, etc.
This is a community and you should act like you are part of it

3. Listen to the goddamned mods, okay?
- This forum is quite liberal and mods are quite reasonable.
- Even when the rules are quite loose they still exist.
- If you're subject to moderation look into mirror first.
- Don't argue things considering moderation in public.
- If big problems occur, contact mods with PM and ask them to discuss about it.
We, the mods, understand that at times we will do something that rubs your fur the wrong way or knocks your nose out of joint, however that doesnt give you the right to loudly and publically bash us into oblivion for doing our jobs. If you feel we've stepped out of line and would like to discuss it in a mature and rational manner, the please by all means drop us a PM. Do not be a smartass when you PM us as its doing absolutely nothing to help your cause. If we deem it necessary we will discuss the 'case' with other mods and come to a group agreement. We ask that you accept the final judgement and courses of action without further complaint, as we still have the last word.

- No warez
- No shock links
- No pornographic images
- No images shoving overly bad taste
- No sexual harassment, racism or any other forms of harassment that are against the law. Please see point #2.

5. No spamming!
- Do not post.. well.. spam.
- Do not post just for the goddamned sake of posting.
- Do not post the same topic throughout more than one area of the forum. This is spam. Its not welcome.

If one of you should choose to ignore these simple signposts in your forum-life, this is what'll happen:
1. We warn first, with deleting the posts if needed.
2. Then we warn again, and lock the thread (if possible & needed)
3. Next time we warn, inform of temporary ban of 1 day, and tempban your sorry ass. ;)
4. Next step is to set a longer temporary ban, 2-3 weeks for example and send a message to the person involved.


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