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Okay people, listen up. Rules here are pretty easy to follow, and here they are:

1. Don't be an ass (more than you absolutely have to be)
This means :
Don't be overly rude, act civilized.
If you have bad day don't throw it upon others.
If someone is having bad day don't kick him when he is down. If you can't support shut the fuck up.
Don't sabotage discussions by being an ass just to show how intelligent you think you are. You are not.
If you don't have anything new, productive or positive to add then don't add it.

2. Don't be overly offensive (unless it's really called for!)
This means:
Do not use abusive language of other forumites, their opinions, values or any of their interests.
Do not insult or use bad language of other forumites.
This is a community and you should act like you are part of it

3. Listen to the goddamned mods, okay?
This means:
This forum is quite liberal and mods are quite reasonable.
Even when the rules are quite loose they still exist.
If you're subject to moderation look into mirror first.
Don't argue things considering moderation in public.
If big problems occur, contact mods with PM and ask them to discuss about it.

This means:
No warez
No shock links
No pornographic images
No images shoving overly bad taste
No racism

If one of you should choose to ignore these simple signposts in your forum-life, this is what'll happen:

Let's say that you..for example, spam or goes off-topic in a thread where it's forbidden. Then, this is the deal:
1. We warn first, with deleting the posts if needed.
2. Then we warn again, and lock the thread (if possible & needed)
3. Next time we warn, inform of temporary ban of 1 day, and tempban your sorry ass. Wink
4. Next step is to set a longer temporary ban, 2-3 weeks for example and send a message to the person involved

That's not too harsh, now is it?


More specific rules will be added accordingly here:

1. No shock links; not everybody on these forums appreciates such explicit material, so keep it clean. For gods sake you're not a spam bot, don't act like one.

Edit: Fixed mumppis spelling-error.
Edit #2: Fixed my own rather obvious math-error. Wink
Edit #3: Rules fixed and clarified by mod team

Just a heads up to everyone posting specific questions to the band/forum at large:

1) Please use the search function first. I know it isn't great but at least give it a try.
2) If someone is asking a specific question, please don't post any randomness in the thread until the question is answered. Only reply if you know the answer or can point the person in the direction of an answer. It can be rather frustrating to see the "new" tag beside your thread and then open it to see that the question you asked has not even been addressed.

Peace out.

We've noticed an increased amount of activity in this area lately, both on- and offtopic. To keep this place tidy and neat (it is after all one of the main information sources regarding all things Machinae, so it should be tidy and easy to navigate to get what info one needs), we're enforcing the rules a bit stricter from now on. This means that as of now, all offtopic chatter and spam will be deleted without warning!

 - Your friendly neighborhood moderator team

New heads-up, people! Bates has retired as board moderator due to the increasing demands of real life. Due to his awesomeness, Torp has been selected as replacement and transferred here from the Media section to be my new co-mod. He's also been issued a brand-new overcharged cattle prod, so be nice, mmkay? ;)


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