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Ahm yeah basically this whole wallpaper banter lately got me in the mood, everythings originally made about the planet and star surroundings, not gonna say how i made it because im sure nobody cares. Or already know, if youre good at that stuff, unlike me. Don't know if its finished i guess thats why im posting it here, the angle of the planet is a bit straight on for me but i haven't done artwork in a very long time so yeah.

just machinae concept work :)

Nice  :D

nice one, though it would be cool if you could make it clear to see what countries are visible etc. :P

As far as it goes, this kicks the ass of all the other recent wallpaper-postings.
It's not superb, but it's got potential to become it.

Yeah... it's better that I'll ever made. Should I stop creating wallpapers?


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