Author Topic: Stavanger Punk Rock Festival 2006!  (Read 1785 times)

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Stavanger Punk Rock Festival 2006!
« on: April 30, 2006, 11:02:08 pm »
Well, I've had an excellent weekend listening to good, old, dirty punk rock, and getting my body smashed and cut (as well as at least smashing a couple of others quite well in the moshpit).

I doubt you know many of the bands who played, but for those of you who might, these were the bands I got to watch (well, more or less, I think I missed a couple):

Nidingr (norwegian)
Nödvern (swedish)
The Outfit (danish)
The Ã…smunds (norwegian)
Fatal Impact (british)
Purified in Blood (norwegian)
Anal Cunts (american)
Kvisene (norwegian)

Case of Pride (norwegian)
Pink Torpedos (british)
Brutal Kuk (norwegian)
Osmidan (from som eastern european country)
The Vendettas (italian)
Haggis (norwegian, the band of the arrangers)
Condemned 84 (british)
The Exploited (british)

and finally
The Misfits!

Oh yeah, that was a good weekend. Friday consisted mainly of moshing around and drinking beer. I especially well remember Nödvern and Anal Cunt, the latter because the vocalist was drunk out of his mind, fell asleep on stage and had to be supported so that he could sit properly (it must be mentioned that he suffers from nerve damage due to a coma, and I don't know how much of it was from this. No matter what, it was an interesting event).

Saturday was even better. The Vendettas rocked hard, so did most of the other bands. Haggis was really fun, and on stage with them were two girls who were certainly dressed in an interesting manner (that is, they did not have much clothes at all). But the crowning moment of the evening was when the Misfits came on stage! Not only did I get to see them live, they played a whole lot of old favourites, totalling 8 Static Age songs (I can, if anybody wants me to, list up exactly which). After the Misfits, the Exploited entered. At this point I was exhausted, and almost fell asleep, and I missed half the last song, which wasn't sung by the frontman of the Exploited, but by some other bastard showing up, which is a bit bad. I did get to see the two girls who had invaded the scene and started flashing their tits, but I missed it when the scene was stormed by punk rockers after the vocalist asked everybody to get up on stage and sing along.

All in all, an excellent way to spend a weekend. There should be punk rock festivals every month. And punk rock chicks are hot (I already knew that. Well, I already knew both of my conclusions, having been to the festival for 4 years now).
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