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What are the songs on Redeemer about?

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elite - masu itself?
rise -
fury -
ronin -
kaori stomp -
hate -
i know the reaper -
17 - americas world policy
rogue world asylum -
through the looking glass -
oki kumas adventure -
reanimator -
empire -

as you can see i'm not yet into the lyrics that much!  ;D
help me out with the rest.  :D

Fury -  A storm i think.

i can only assume that reanimator is at least loosely based on the H.P Lovecraft short story Herbert West: Reanimator. Which is a fucking good read.


--- Quote from: Mashed on April 04, 2006, 09:36:10 pm ---Fury -  A storm i think.

--- End quote ---

Fury was the one 'fantasy' kinda song IIRC.

yeah I thought it was about fighting a dragon or something. Haven't the lyrics been posted some time ago? I can't find them...


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