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Vocalist tips for a newb

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This is an odd request, but here it goes.

Does anyone have any basic vocal tips for a nweb singer, and one who can't sing too well right now (even if people say I could sing if I want to), is there any way to get at least basic self training ideas?

depends on the type of vocals.  metal growl vocals, dont just growl- PUSH with your gut.  try and break your belt with your stomach.  if you do, you get a much better sound, and you avoid damaging your vox for life.

for clean vocals, just match pitch.  big breaths, projecting voice, and pitch are all it is.  two out of the three are easy.  matching pitch isnt.

then again, pitch matching isnt necissary.  only the old guru's and the prog rockers do that.

umm dont be afraid to sing ^^ if you are nervous it makes your voice shake and it shoulds crap, being nervous also makes you forget lyrics sometimes...depends on how nervous of course  ::)

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