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History of the band members

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Here's a question I've been thinking:
where did it all start? How did machinae become what it is. Clearly we all feel that machinae is THE band for it's members. The band that is ready, the climax. (well how much better can it get?)

But what about the past. Where did Jonne play solos before?
Is there any demo where we can hear robert singing?
I mean these guys didn't fall from the sky did they!?

So, anything... like previous bands, their demos, history like "I started playing bass when I was XX old and saw YYYY playing on tv"  etc?

Fans from Luleå probably know, but me, I have no idea...

Hope someone can make anything out of this, I was being... lyrical

And how about putting that info on the official site?

Well I think some (most) of this stuff is really nothing that need to be put on the site. and if we wait for the site update, :´(

but of course if anyone wants to write a cool mystical history, by all means ;)

i begin to write i hope i´m finished...soon....

Speaking of history, don't think we've forgotten about Sidology Episode 2. We'll never let you guys get away with not making it! :P
Every now and then you'll hear from us. "When's Sidology 2 coming?" ^_^


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