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-=[Cole Will]=-:
Could some one with the full file ready to seed please make it available. myself and about 3 other people have 3% left to go for the torrent transfer. O.o please. Im going to break the file up into its respective parts once i get the full thing DLed. Each having a torrent of their own made available as long as my PC is online.

MaSuGN , Life Force, Jets n Guns OST, MaSu free DLable tunes ( including live cuts ), and the other rare MaSu tracks in their own file.

Just to make things easyer for those who only want the JnG OST or MaSu web-site freebies and not the extra wierd tracks that only the extreme MaSu fans hunt for. Please get your torrents up and seeded. :)

Frigger: , you forgot one "related" thingy XD, thats ericas band(see Flagcarrier).... i like have to listen to 0wned every day about 20 times, omg, teh rockz0rage ;]

oh, and is the table of contents of the all and everything package somewhere? i'm quite sure to have everything, but it'd be nice to be able to check back somewhere ^^

-=[Cole Will]=-:
Yea. it is on another thread.

PLEASE some one who has it seed the file for a few hours.

Here is the torrent file link =>

And also here is another spot to maually DL the tracks one by one. From the thread linked to above.

L'homme magique:
Also has the Garden of Concrete stuff, which isn't at Vortex's place iirc.

-=[Cole Will]=-:
garden of concrete?


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