Author Topic: Legion of Stoopid Appreciation Thread  (Read 11707 times)

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Re:Legion of Stoopid Appreciation Thread
« Reply #60 on: October 30, 2004, 06:51:56 pm »
Laser and MDX - good call.

It gets pretty fkin annoying having political talks all over the place.. rob and turin were at it for TWO whole hours last night in IRC!! You cant get a word in off topic.. You just get spoken over by ignorant Turin  :-\

First off, let's stop calling each other names. I'll agree to that I don't agree with Turin, but for the sake of peace, keep it civilized.

And secondly, keeping the forum clean of long discussions not really concerning the music or the band is a whole lot more important then keeping a channel @ irc free from serious discussion for two hours. Granted, next time a separate channel could be formed, but please, no more of this crap on the forum.

And thirdly, this concludes the thread, since people can't seem to follow simple guidelines.

Thread locked.
Oi, is this when I get a huge sig-image, start whining about "moar sid" and make nonsensical arguments to no good?