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A couple lyrics I've written -- what do you all think?

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Here's a couple lyrics I've written. I'd like constructive comments and criticisms. Thanks! :)

Super Sonic Love Song

Take me on board.
You know the way.
I’ll be the passenger.
And you’ll be the pilot.

We’re ready for takeoff,
Just make sure your seatbelt’s fastened.
Keep steady, it’s gonna get faster from here.

Go super sonic!
Faster than the speed of sound!
Oh, ah, that’s the way.

How do you like
Flying at this speed?
Does it entice you?
Keep steady; we’ll go faster than sound now.

Faster than light!

(Insert insanely fast guitar solo 8))

Ah, oh.

Your flight is at its last leg,
Did you enjoy the trip?
Keep steady as the landing gear goes down.

We’re at the terminal,
It’s time for you to depart,
So the next flight can begin.

Blind and fallen,
The ghost struggles to
Regain his eyesight.
In hindsight he sees
All that was left behind.

Imagine if you will, my friend,
A frigid gale,
Cutting open the scars
Obedience leaves.

If my vision were to leave me
I’d hope that you’d be my eyes
As my friend.
As my friend I’d hope you’d guide me
Through the perils of this trial.
It’s testing me.
Where do I want to be?

I’ve been following the puppeteer
For too long.
Cut the strings that hold me fast
To his control.
If I could free myself,
I’d have been free long ago,
But I can’t.
I’m at the wrong end.

Imagine if you will, my enemy,
An eruption of napalm,
Torching the theater
Containing your horrible magic.

If my vision were to leave me
You’d take full advantage
As my enemy
As my enemy I know you’d leave me,
Feed me to the wolves.
They’re all I
Never needed.

My bones are dry, licked clean
By savage tongues.
Who I thought I was,
Is not who I am.
Who am I?
What’s my purpose?
I don’t know anymore.
I’ve been following the
Ringleader for far too long.

I don’t know you anymore,
You look so very different
In this new mirror.
Is it really you?
Yes, but how I have changed.

I no longer possess the
Mind of a newborn infant.
I’m beginning to learn
Who I am.
I’m beginning to understand
Why I was put here,
What I’m supposed to do.
I know now.

The puppeteer lost his control.
I am now me.
I’m no longer him.
I’m not the ghost anymore.
I’m among the living.
I’m not the ghost.
I live.
I’m alive.

well they are lyrics ^^ im just curious what kind of music it is :)
cause those lyrics are pretty different if played / sung like death metal or like power metal ballad

I was thinking more like rock style singing/screaming and playing. :)

ahh cool, could you give us a sample when ready? ;)

Sure! :) But it most likely won't be for a while, b/c I'd like to improve more at singing/screaming before putting my songs/lyrics/whatever :P out on the internet.


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