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Anyone working on a Sidology Ep 2 Tab?

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I realy would love to try and play sidology episode 2. It's so epic, I need to play it for my friends. But I dont know how to tab at all,  so if anyone is doing it, I would like to know.

Jack Lupino:
uhmmm i think you would need like a serperate tab for each part of the song.

heh...i have plans for it...
Ive listened to the tune on repeat for 2 weeks now, and i have decied that 4 parts is the way to go if im gona cope with Power-tabs 7 guitar limit.

Currently, i  have tabbed like 10 second of it...and the first 5 seconds is silence :D

Here's the first 30 seconds just before both guitars come in:

I'm pretty sure the last measure is wrong though. Feel free to fix it and post it.



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