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Guitars from'm considering getting one, when I have the money

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I'm considering buying a guitar from I've heard from a friend of mine who bought one from them that he loves it. I have no idea about the process of ordering one, nor the cost (though I know that they don't come cheap :P). Does anyone know anything about the ordering process? If you do, please, share your wisdom. :) Oh, and I've looked on the BCRich website, and that doesn't help either. :'( Any suggestions on what kind of guitar to order or just general info about it all would be helpful. Thanks! :)

I was blessed in the fact that I have a B.C. Rich distributor just across the street from me, so I have access to King V's, Bichs, Beasts, & Warlocks (once I have the money of course ^_^;;;)

Unfortunately, I do not know what the steps are for ordering one, 'cept maybe going to your local music shop & asking them to get a few guitars from B.C. Rich.

As long as you show a real intent to purchase one, I am sure that they will try & get one in for you. :)

But anyway, I own a B.C. Rich Warlock (Bronze series, I believe.) It took me a little time to get set up (thanks to the tail-piece being fully adjustable & removable when you change strings x_x), but I really love the way the guitar plays/feels in my hands :D.

If you do go B.C. Rich, I'm positive that you will not be disappointed :)

But...I just hope that you are able to figure out how to get one ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I talked to my friend who ordered a guitar from them, and he said that you have to contact the BCRich dealer nearest you, and set it all up w/ them. I'm gonna look into all that once I have the money. Speaking of which, how much did your Warlock cost? And do you know the general price range they go by?

I was lookin' at the site ( and I've found the guitar I want. The only problem is, the money. Here's a pic of it:
It's an NJ Warlock with a Floyd Rose tremolo system. It costs $900.00. So, I'm looking for a job lol; no, seriously. Earlier I went job hunting. I didn't get too much of anywhere, though... :'(

NEVER get a strait tail piece guitar from BC Rich. I made that mistake, and the intonation slips all the time on the B/high E. The nice thing is that the pinch harmonics come out BEAUTIFULLY compared to most other guitars (even better than a Jackson with EMGs, which I have personally played... oh man...). The taps come out very cleanly as well. Over all they're nice guitars, but there could be better.

By the way, you take the space between the V and you put it over your thigh so it's raised upward.

*gets so irritated watching people try to figure out how to play a flying V sitting down*

^  <---flying V
|  <---your leg goes there, between the legs of the V

I play a BC Rich flying V... so.. yeah... I like the V because I'm more comfortable playing uprights.


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