Chuck Norris will end you if you don't vote NOW. Im serious.

1 (5.9%)
1 (5.9%)
2 (11.8%)
1 (5.9%)
2 (11.8%)
2 (11.8%)
0 (0%)
1 (5.9%)
2 (11.8%)
0 (0%)
Magicman (i.e. ???)
3 (17.6%)
0 (0%)
1 (5.9%)
1 (5.9%)

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Author Topic: Forum Fan of the Year: 2005!  (Read 34550 times)

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Re: Forum Fan of the Year: 2005!
« Reply #225 on: January 06, 2006, 06:42:01 am »
hmm.... 4-5-5 1/2 hours sleep tonight. I feel bad but dont wanna sleep more becuase its 4pm in the arvo.

I'm playing Morrowind again, created a new character a theif wielding swordsman with destruction skills and lotsa of speechcraft. It should be much more interesting this time as the last time I played morrowind.... I lost my level 86 character from a bad format......

Wouldn't mind playing BG2 again, but it is sooo time consuming, so many hours of game play involved. Also I picked up myself a legit copy of BG2+ Shadows of Arnh for 40Aud. I was cheering becuase it was the original box set (without cloth map, paper) but it had everything else like the massive box and the massive manual and a proper containter for it all... Unlike newer games these days


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Re: Forum Fan of the Year: 2005!
« Reply #226 on: January 06, 2006, 06:31:29 pm »
I've been thinking of making a rogue and just going it alone.. who needs party members? :P

I've not tried going it alone as a thief, I suspect that you would need to hide in shadows like a bitch though. I have managed to solo with a sorceror, which isn't THAT difficult, but you can't afford to mess up spell selection, plus, it's a REALLY slow start[1]. You probably will want party members, slight problem is, 3 (4 if you have ToB) of the best NPCs are evil. Just pick a neutral alignment and play to it and get both good and evil aligned members. Alternativly, just get the Ease of Use mod, which removes party conflicts.

One final word of advice, if the starting dungeon annoys you, pay another visit to Sorcerers Place and download the Dungeon Be Gone mod. You get all of the magic items, all of the gold you would have got for selling the mundane junk, a lot of XP and choices in NPCs[2] and picking up quest items, all in around 30 seconds, slightly longer if you listen to the voiceover for the text (highly recommended first time around). Bear in mind, it does cut out all of the plot details in the dungeon itself.

[1] I started another solo sorc, currently have that game on hold, I forgot that sorcs can't really do much by themselves until they can start summoning Skeleton Warriors, by which time, I should also be getting the Staff of the Magi, which is crucial to a solo mage/sorc class.

[2] If you go for the mod, bear in mind to free Minsc and Jaheria first, the DBG mod will not free them.


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Re: Forum Fan of the Year: 2005!
« Reply #227 on: January 08, 2006, 05:50:24 am »
Aye, I took a party out of the first dungeon and left them there. Managed to get through the circus tent but after that I had a lot of trouble, so I went back and used a party. Maybe if I know the game and system a little better..

So far I've got a lot further than I have before.. maybe I'll keep going. :P

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Re: Forum Fan of the Year: 2005!
« Reply #228 on: January 08, 2006, 06:39:29 am »
Or magicman, who won!
Wugga =o

Let it be known I voted Ankle, not myself.

Let it also be known I despise Infinity Engine games, which is like 90% of Black Isle's repertoire.
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