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Screaming Vocals: For Anyone Who's Interested or Experienced

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I read a post in another topic somewhere on this forum (I think it was the topic where people have been putting up songs they have composed) about someone trying to learn how to do screaming vocals.  I thought I'd start a topic specifically for people to post in if they: 1) have experience doing screaming vocals, and want to help out those of us who don't but who want to learn (like me); 2) don't have any experience, and want to learn, or have some, but want to get better at it.

I've been trying it out when I'm in the mood, though I can't say I've gotten much of anywhere.  I've been told that when you scream, it comes from your gut, so I'm trying to work with that.  I've also been told that you shouldn't attempt to the point where your throat is very sore, because that could mess up your vocal chords VERY badly.  If your throat starts getting sore, I'd say to stop for the day and give your vocal chords a rest.  If it's sore in the morning, don't practice that day. 

That's what I know.  If anybody has anything else to share, or anything to say about what advice I have recieved, share your wisdom. 

All I can say is, do NOT death grunt all of Stand My Ground by Within Temptation. I could barely talk for a week afterwards, it hurt to say anything.

Man...and I haven't even heard of the song, nor the band, but it must have a LOT of screaming in it.  Another thing I was told (that I forgot to mention) was that you should do a little at a time, gradually building up the amount of screaming you can do at a time.

No, it has none. I just did my own little cover to it when singing along. It's what I do, badly.

Also, it's not screaming. It's grunting. If you try and scream rather than grunt you'll have a very hard time keeping your breath. I've managed to carry a few conversations with a friend while LANing late in entirely death grunts for practice as we are mutually interested in metal. I'm hardly good at it but meh, practice is practice.


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