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I took lots of pictures, and many of them are crappy.
But there's also alot in there that makes it well worth the loading time.'

I have to post a link in my next post though, there's a bit of work to be done first, I just really want to post some info before I get to work.

I had a superb night, foreparty involing game/synthmusic, great company everywhere. Then the wonderful gig, I enjoyed it much more than In Flames!
I had quite a bunch of friends there who also jumped around in total symbiosis with the music. We got to hear a couple of new songs, one of which I recognised from that Redeemer demo... FEEL THE JEALUSY!!!111one

After the gig I talked some with the band, showed them my second print which they hadn't seen before! Then we went out and packed the equipment in their "tourvehicle" while listening to the new material!!!oneone!!! I can tell you it's all top stuff. I was a bit too drunk to really estimate the greatness of that music, but I didn't dislike any of it. Some of it had parts of Jets'n'guns music mixed in! That info might be a secret but what the hell!

Then we went a tour around town to get food, and then off to their hotel where we had a little afterparty. People fell asleep one after another and I was the only outsider around, so I as a fan had the band all to myself really. :)
Sadly, I was busy having fun, so I never asked for signing of stuff. :(
But later Rob wrote a verse on my overall. So I have something, and this really nice girl they had along also wrote a little Shrek quote... "What are u doing in my swamp."

The Rob thingy reads: "You get the style. Ikasu ore wa oboe te iru. When you are here. Tohokano hitotatchi ga mienaku natteshimau."

As I said, the pics will be up soon.

PS. Almost forgot to mention that I got the rest of a strawberrywine bottle to finish on my way home.

Ok, here's the first crapup of the whole thing.

I need to sleep now, but sometime later I'm gonna upload the original pictures.

you're a lucky bastard! :P

Some of the pictures of the gig itself are fairly smokey, but still pretty good. The aftermath looks like it was interesting.

And where's our bootleg? :P


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