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I'm not really sure about this song.   I have a version on a game I' ve been playing but it's got no lyrics so im to sure.  Also mine (In the game) is by Machinae Supremacy, (well duh) but other people who have something like it is by Machinae.  You see I haven't listend to Machinae Supremacy alot but yeah is that aslo one of there names?  I don't listen to them alot cause i never get the chance so don't yell at me for not knowing to a MAchinae Supremacy fan the obvious.  But back to the subject, I need Hybrid tabs if it's by them.  :-\ thanks

Yes Hybrid is a Machinae song, one of multiple instrumentals, no I can't provide tabs myself because I'm a useless bastard. One of the many musicians who are around will probably drop in on this thread in a few days

Is the game In The Groove becuase thats how I heard of Machinae Supremacy. They are an awesome band I'm just so sad I can't get a hold of one of there cds since they have no sponser. :-[

Well should do the trick for freebies.. must find a song i heard ages ago.. damit!


Anyone with Hybrid Tabs? I'm planning to do a few jazz remixes of Machinae Supremacy songs (especially Hybrid and Bouff from In The Groove), and I can't find any tabs to do the initial transcribing.


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