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Re: Ozzfest 05' Tomorrow
« Reply #30 on: July 21, 2005, 01:43:54 am »
Soilwork - amazing
Arch Enemy - shitty
Trivium - good

Killswitch Engage - amazing
Rob Zombie - good
In flames - shitty
Black Label Society - decent
Shadows Fall - shitty
Mudvayne - amazing
Iron Maiden - good

Ozzy compared to all of them? Fucking genius.

Trivium are not better than arch enemy and CERTAINLY dont even SLIGHTLY come close in the SLIGHTEST to in flames, bow down to your master, In Flames are TEH FUCKING WIN. METALFESTFIFTYNINELLION!!

I caught only one of song of In Flames, I wasn't impressed, and what I've heard at other peoples houses its meh.. average. Trivium on the other hand.. How old are they? 19-20. Not enough old enough to buy a beer, and they are absolutely brilliant live.

Playing in a studio and playing live is a big difference, and if you can play good live, thats BIG.

Arch Enemy was the same, not really impressive, just jamming on their guitars and death grunting with no melody or rhythmn.

And as I said, those descriptions up there are about their live perfomances.... :)