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Trying to define MaSu

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Well, I'm Brazilian. Maybe the only Brazilian 'round here  :P

Anyway, when people at my class ask what style of music Machinae Supremacy is (i have the cover printed that stays in my notebook, you know). My friend even classified it as Nu-Metal, but I don't really think it is.

SiD metal or Videogame Music are also very vague, I was looking for a definition like "progressive-alternative-speed-metal" or something like that. Can you guys help?

Oh, and no, i don't usually post in the forum, but I always read the topics =]

i dont care as long machinae roxx the world  ;D

Well, that's what I think ^^ But depending on my definiton, some people on my class might listen or not to their music :P Right now "they're blind, and my eyes must tell them", but I don't know what to say.

L'homme magique:
Machsup == teh crap

I tell people SID-Metal, when they ask what it is I tell them it's melodic metal with video game-type noises.


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