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Can someone give me some info on Inja? Do they still exist? Website? :)
And does any tunes exist with a reasonable quality, or are they meant to be that way? :)
Beatuiful voice, and she's the voice in Flagcarrier right?

And what about favourite song everyone? ( I guess most of you have heard them )

I really like "As Me", as well as "Owned" and "Erased".

they still exist, the site is located at, the voice is indeed in flagcarrier, and why compare them to LifeForce? they sound pretty different in my opinion (i much prefer lifeforce).

Favourtie Inja song is probably Smoking Angel or Listen. LifeForce sound too different to be accurately compared IMO.

L'homme magique:

--- Quote ---LifeForce sound too different to be accurately compared IMO.
--- End quote ---
True, but LifeForce are still better.

Meyehhhhh... LifeForce probably take it just because of Prey. The beginning is just too damn awesome for it;s own good


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