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« on: April 30, 2009, 01:05:20 am »
Hey all,

Soulcage is the band that supported MaSu when we saw them in Helsinki. I'd never heard of them prior to reading they were supporting, but as usual I acquired their newest album and gave it some spins before the gig so I can get the most out of the whole experience. No regrets there - the album (Soul for Sale) is fantastic! They put on a really solid performance live too, lots of energy and the vocalist has a powerful voice with a good range.

Anyway I just thought I'd direct MaSu fans to listen to them - if I enjoy them then there's no reason why everyone else here shouldn't  :) They play melodic metal with progressive influences.

Anyway you can stream all their stuff for free on, and there's a selection on their MySpace:
I strongly recommend the album Soul for Sale, specifically the tracks You Get So Alone and My Canvas, My Skin. users feel free to chuck on some tags so they get some more radio plays!

Cheers.  :D