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Least favourite song off of DXM

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Torp v2.0:
Well, it was asked for in the best song thread...

I'm guessing this will be a more difficult choice. Personally, I'll go for Attack Music, mainly because it, as a pre-album track, had been played so much before I got the album that I had gone slightly bored of it. I still am, but only barely.

*see other thread*

Woohoo, first vote is mine!

At least "off of" is a little more mature.

I say SttR for the sole reason that the chorus rhymes Soundtrack to the rebellion with itself. And partially because the title is in the chorus, too. You'll notice that doesn't happen too often.

But really... how can one have a least favorite? It's still a favorite.

attack music gets my vote, same reason as torp... listened to the original version so much that when i got the album i was a lot more interested in the new tracks.

Insidious. I just dont like the start. I'm ok after the first 30 seconds...


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