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Rise of Legends

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I was just finished reading up about this game, I don't know if anyone has played Rise of Nations before, but instead of having a Rise of Nations 2 they came out with this.

Basically, they are taking the old gameplay (or so I hear) and putting it in a fantasy world. It looks really good, graphic-wise and I really hope that BigHuge pulls through like they did with RoN. Because, quite frankly, it was one of the best - if not the best - RTSs ever made.

I never played RoN, RoL looks great....they both look great actually maybe i'll get round to it someday.

But Dawn of War will always ALWAYS be the best RTS ever for the simple reason that it has Space Marine Dreadnoughts that shout "BURN HERETIC" at any available opportunity, opportunities which usually involve punching their fist through someone and rotating it at high speeds.


--- Quote from: VisionThing on May 18, 2005, 04:36:11 am ---Space Marine Dreadnoughts that shout "BURN HERETIC" at any available opportunity

--- End quote ---

I just realized I missed out a great game.

I own Rise of Nations, it was ok at best in my opinion. If the gameplay in the new one is anything like RoN I doubt I'll bother with it. I wish someone would make games like the good old TD/RA/TA.

played Dawn of War ankle? I really cant reinforce my enthusiasm for this game enough. And Space Marine Dreadnoughts in general.


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