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Jack Lupino:
Ha ha.

L'homme magique:
Maybe Tripp was some, like, über-genius that was just fucking around with all of us.

Yes, either one of those two are plausible.

Where is Tripe anyways???  He must be plotting something, something of dommness I'd imagine.

Notice how hazul disappeared then tripp came along?

*rubs chin*

Hazul suffered from a mental overload in the coming months up to Tripps arrival thus creating multiple-multiple personalities (multiplises personelexis ~ ref. somewhereodous, chpt. 7 pg. 148 ln. 43) i.e. his multiple personalities had multiple personalities of their own, i explained it for the forum fools.. eh, or just to type more. So anyway.

He returned under the name of Tripp and Chad and whatever, constantly shooting through the personalities could have potentially been up to around twenty that is if we believed that tripp and his "friends" where just one quarter, or eight, or of the many personalities hazul took on.

So in the end hazul truly loses it and can't handle not being accepted back here as Tripp, or hazul, or Chad, and crashed the forum in viscious fury, afterwards imploding into a ball of light and creating a mini black hole somewhere, put rob put a cork in it. So we're all safe.

The end.

EDIT: Topix sounds like a cereal, sort it out.

Laser Turret:
Hmm, interesting theory. Except the blackhole. I think it would suck the cork in. So be careful when in Lulea, there may be a small black hole still active in a basement sucking everything up as we speak.


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