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Gordon man, i dont know why i never asked this before, but what equipment do you use? I mean, could you give me a full spec of your synthy line up? From keyboards to modulators, to .. spare white keys you keep in your pocket? :P I'd really appreciate it if you could lemme know.

Im trying to source out what my new keyboard buy is going to be, i fucked up when i bought the Roland Juno-D, i read up on it, it got fucking terribly reviews, *meh* it works fine for me when i work hard enough with it it can work GREAT for me, but i want something like a KORG Trinity or Triton Extreme, gimme your specs and recommendations, if you have any. Specs or Recommendations from anybody else would r0ck too, keyboard stuff only thanks, no axe specs.

Bleh, I was so ready to suggest a Flurry Axe until I read the end.

lol ;D

Nein danke.

*COUGH FUCKING UGH COUGH* really like to know please =)

Doesn't it have it detailed on the flash version of the Machinae site under the Players menu?


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