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In The Groove (ITG) - MaSu songs!

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can anyone report on the foot ratings (difficulty) of the EXPERT steps for MaSu songs?

F DDR and their lame 10-footers!
F spinal tap and their measly 11-volume!

ITG goes to 13!

13 feet! ow!

You guys rock.

--- Quote from: robert on May 18, 2005, 01:39:34 am ---Cryosleep will be in ITG2, and we've been asked to contribute to ITG3 as well.

Keeping you guys updated.   8)

--- End quote ---

Played ITG for PS2 at E3! LOL!

I tried the 7-foot Standard steps for Bouff as my first song. Yow. I'm old and out of shape.

The majority of ITG songs are much longer in length (probably double) than DDR songs.

I also played the Standard step set for Hybrid (damn low volume) as well.

*golf clap* for the step makers Plaguefox and KeeL. Kudos for Machinae for working with roxor.

never heard about ITG..  ???

does it exists for PC, or only for PS2?

if yes, it means that I must buy it, and spend money...


i played cryosleep on ITG2 it was awsome but i hope it comes out for the nova


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