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In The Groove (ITG) - MaSu songs!

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In The Groove is a new Dance Dance Revolution game (kit actually) that is beta testing its sequel, ITG2, in Amreican arcades.

MaSu have songs in this game!

Seen in ITG: Bouff, Hybrid (both sooo rockin')

Seen in the ITG2 Beta: Cryosleep

I have to wonder if there is a connection between this and the popularity of "The Great Giana Sisters" in the DDR home simulation community (Dance With Intensity and Step Mania)

Can anyone confirm any more MaSu songs in ITG? Also, I haven't played the game or heard the song in the game, but I'm guessing that it must have been edited down to closer to 2 minutes.

If only Roxorgames would have called me to write steps for them, I would have quit my Game Design job!

I'd also be interested to hear the story behind working with Roxorgames. How did they contact the band? Was there any collaboration on step writing, song editing or song choice? Will TGGS ever see Arcade or home console action?

Super Steve wants to know!

Steve Riesenberger
Game Designer

Heh, I've known of this for quite some time. My local arcade got an ITG, and they only had it for a week until they sent it back, the dipshits. That was the most popular thing in the entire place. It was getting constant non-stop action. (heh)

Thats it the next time I see a DDR mat for the PSX I shall purchase it. I'll use my home made psx-lpt converter and use it on the computer. I have gone without playing DDR for so long, I must find out why it is so good.

According to the website it'll be avialable for PS2, I will wait paitently myself... :D

Cryosleep will be in ITG2, and we've been asked to contribute to ITG3 as well.

Keeping you guys updated.   8)


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