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Re: Iji - Oct Demo.. ;)
« Reply #180 on: October 11, 2005, 12:32:15 am »
The demo's been slightly updated... here's the new stuff:

-The tutorial texts have been cut down in size by one third, snipping a whole lot of junk while retaining the information. Thus, their language is more short and to the point, rather than verbose.
-The messages and chats are color-coded. Green for Iji, orange for Dan, blue for Tasen, grey for neutral (acquiring Special traits and getting a combined Nanoweapon).
-Pausing the game no longer causes massive slowdown when you return. :p
-There are exit signs at the end of the Sectors, notifying you that you're about to leave.
-You can now clearly see the Elite from the ledge above, so you may hesitate to face him. I thought the rather secure door you need to bypass, and all the health to collect in there before jumping down the ledge, was deterring enough. :p
-I added how to change to an upgraded weapon, e.g. the Buster gun, to the manual (in case you miss it when getting it).

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Re: Iji - Oct Demo.. ;)
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