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Iji - Oct Demo.. ;)

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Well i figured getting this thread back on form wouldnt be a bad idea at all. I have been quite busy so since the forum went down (thanks hazul :D!...) i have been involved with alot of college work, BUT! ill finish this up quickly, my summer is here on 27th of may onwards so ill be rocking more after that. In saying that, i am still doing ideas and such so no worries, and i actually made some potential sound effects, and no theyre not stupid.

another 2 tracks have been made

- denied a bank loan
- reopening the chronicles of quagmaria (past the quagmarian reef sequel - so to speak)

Anddd a potential menu entrance track but alot of shit has to be remastered, but fear not, my friend andy is getting quality upgrades once 2 weeks have past, lol he even offered to buy me a KORG synth, a generous offer, but he was baked when he mentioned, so im taking it on a light note, heheh =)

A few more tracks are in working without names have been made, not to mention a power metal synth solo improv, its roughly done but was more exercise work than anything else, but its got good feedback from Spiff and Fallout (our not so common machinae forumer in the closing weeks before the forum downness)

Now i leave the rest for Spiff to update you on, the game is coming along nicely as far as he's shown me all the new updates.. so be excited, or die, twice.

megadokyo, loves you.


--- Quote ---megadokyo, loves you.
--- End quote ---

So much so as to give us the other tracks?

no actually youre not getting these ones, i have coached my dominating opinion that they are not released until i have andy redo the riffing on them, kevin did distorted bass and for me it just didnt work out.

But on the brighter side, the soundtrack is gonna be done sooner than later.. and im following a particular trend for the rest of the tracks, so beware. or something.

* Smeagol waits and loads up Warioware
I could sit here for a few days straight y'know, but I think my parents may just get a tad narked at the electricity bill running up like a bitch

you can sit here all you want, im not uploading tracks muahahahahahaaaaa


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