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Redeemer (RDR): What can we expect?

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Laser Turret:
I for one cannot wait for more news of this album! Apparently Robert said its gonna be heavy n stuff, but what else can we be expecting from it?

Plus, updates us on how it's getting along :)

It's a smart move that they gave away only song titles we didn't know about:

--- Quote ---Song titles include among others "Elite", "Rogue World Asylum", "Ronin" and "Empire"
--- End quote ---

Those four plus Fury, Ghost and that other song I don't remember. OMG.

Laser Turret:
But they said they're releasing two new songs beforehand - they could turn out to be Fury and Ghost...

Just look at Tomas' played song track on Audioscrobbler, think one of them was called 'Hate' or something.

Reformatted my computer, took a break from checking the forums, and then the forums died.

Lost Fury, and Ghost(I forgot how I got them), where can I get them again?

BTW to be on topic, looking forward to the new album, of course it will own hard. It's probally going to be less gamey(sID), and more like Soundtrack to the Rebellion.


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