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YESSS i finally *bought* the SID vstplugin for cubase, so now i can make music like MaSu :D:D:D

its soo cool you can get all the classic SID sounds and make youown as well, oooo im so happy  ;D

EDIT: oh heres a link to info:

woah that sounds nifty, linky to info?

Moved it, and reviving it.

So i am back on track with everything and im starting to work on Spiffs Iji Soundtrack again, and i have a full cubase set up with everything running.. well pretty much fine. My question to you all is this, where can i find an attainable free source of quadrasid, preferably the newest edition but the latest "attainable" edition that is "free".. would be great.

Tried torrents but tbh no luck yet, and i can't figure out DC++

PMing it to you in about 5 minutes. hold tight.

Jack Lupino:
Don't you just love this forum.  ;D


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