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Machinae Supremacy debute Album name suggestions?

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sobella's idea is kool.

There is already an album called Ignition by the offspring though, leeloo.

has anyone seen the episode of  the Animatrix called "Matriculated"? if u have im sure you will agree that it's a cool name for a machinae album  ;)

Deus Ex Machinae, Reloaded, Rebooted, Retro, Side Scroller, Level 1. Start game. =]

Laser Turret:
how about "Maskin Överhöghet"? or maybe just call it "Sidology"

#1: "Deus Ex Machinae" gets bonus for punvalue, feeling and just general old warm emotions about latin.

#2: "Northbound" actually sounds rather good, although my two cents still fall with #1.

And for those who are curious about latin, here comes the favourite translatory pun:

religio : fear of God, way of life
religiosus : god-fearing.

I'll leave you with that.

"Machinae dreams" is nice and ambiguous if you ask me.


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